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So you want to know about me? Tabby Mama.

Well obviously my name is not actually Tabby Mama. Tabby Mama is just a nickname that I’ve ended up being known as, completely by accident. It is a rather recent nickname that my Mum started calling me as I seem to have a real affinity with tabby cats. I love all cats equally of course, yet I always seem to attract tabby’s more so then any other breed.

My real name is Teri and as well as being a fur mama to three beautiful fur babies I am a writer. Having previously worked in the music industry as an artist manager. Then running a photography business after that. Both careers I enjoyed. I have always been more of a creative type then an office kinda gal. Before all that I worked with children and trust me that is definitely NOT matched to me. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against children, but when there are children plural I would rather clean a sewer then be around many of them. Give me animals over children any day.

Prior to all of that I was a gymnast.

I live in a cute Victorian conversion flat on the edge of Kent, affectionately nicknamed The Pickle Palace. I’m surrounded by wildlife and fields and absolutely love it. I enjoy gardening in my pretty cottage garden. Everything I plant is animal and wildlife friendly. I have flowers that the pollinators love I.e bees and butterflies. A woody area for beetles to enjoy, a snailarium where the garden snails and slugs feast on lettuce, fruits and other goodies I put out for them. (It keeps them off of my plants.) A bird feeder where I feed house sparrows, wood pigeons, blue tits, robins, finches, ring necked parakeets, starlings and thrushes. I also grow a selection of herbs that I use in the kitchen or for their healing properties. My favourites being Lavender and Rosemary. 


I am a very spiritual person and have always been open to the paranormal. I encountered my first spirits from a young age and continued to develop throughout life. I do a lot of my spiritual work with nature, using trees, flowers and herbs as well as crystals to promote healing and a sense of peace.

My main spiritual gift is that I am an animal communicator. At a young age I would say I could talk to animals and hear their voices. As I grew up the voices stopped. Until at the age of 16 I was on my way to college and I heard the voice of a passing dog. I thought I was going mad and brushed it off, then gradually over the years it happened more and more frequently until I could hear their little voices clear as day. I knew I wasn’t crazy when animals would tell me things that their owners then confirmed.

My family heritage is from the Cherokee Native American tribe and I still follow many of their spiritual beliefs. I guess you could say caring for animals and the environment is in my blood.

I have had a love of animals from a very young age. I grew up with two dogs. A mongrel named Shanie and a crazy Springer Spaniel called Purdy. As well as a family of cats. There was Dingo who had four kittens before I was born, my Mum kept the two black kittens Oscar and TC and her Mum, my Nan had the two tabbies Honeybunch and Boxer. They only lived three doors up the road so were still close by.

TC and Dingo passed when I was a toddler and the last to pass was Shanie in 1999. After she passed I developed a severe allergy to cats and dogs. Just being around them triggered asthma attacks and wheezing. I was told I would never be able to have pets again as the reactions were so severe.

I was devastated as being around animals was part of me, I had dreamed of becoming a vet but due to the allergies this was a dream I had to let go of.

I continued to be really drawn to cats, I loved them so much and it hurt that I couldn’t have one of my own again.

I worked with crystals and asked spirit to help me heal and overcome the allergies. I wanted to be free of it so desperately and nothing seemed to work.

Then on February 16th 2006 I had just returned from a trip away, on entering the kitchen I saw a tiny little tabby cat run down the garden wall. It wasn’t a cat I was familiar with so I went out to say hello. She seemed to be very friendly and was purring away. She went up the garden path and let herself in for a nosey. For the next few weeks she visited, she would wait outside the back door for me to get in from work and then run inside. On Mother’s day that year 26th March she came in that morning and stayed all day and night. I called her Sox as she had little white feet. From that day on she stayed, each day she would go out and then come back in. The strange thing is she did not trigger of any of my allergies. I didn’t cough, wheeze or have any asthma attacks. Within a few months I was completely off of all the asthma medication and have only needed it a few times since when developing chest infections. Sox became my baby and felt like a true part of my soul. You can read more about Sox’s story on her page.

I believe Sox was sent to me by the angels or the great spirit. To this day I can be around any animal and have even worked in a cattery. I am never happier then when I am surrounded by animals, I love every animal and insect. They seem to like me too which is why I know and believe my purpose in life is to be here for animals.

I am autistic and suffer with Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, which is greatly helped by Phoenix who has been trained to be my Emotional Support Assistance Dog. All of my fur babies have improved my life so much I just cannot imagine my life without them.

Phoenix is trained to not bark unless there is a danger or I am in trouble, she senses when I am about to have a panic attack or am feeling particularly anxious. She is a real lifeline and has improved my life so much, her and my cats give me a reason to keep myself together as much as I can. Phoenix gets me out and about, gives me confidence in myself and gives me unconditional love, just like the cats. They are all so special to me and I admit I do spoil them just a little bit.

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