Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Much A Poo About Nothing

Picture the scene, a chilly autumnal evening, leaves are falling from the trees, the sun is just about setting and inside the Pickle Palace Phoenix is sitting in front of me giving me the

It’s time for my walk” look.

You want to go for a walk?” I say,

Phoenix responds in that oh so cute puppy way with the lift of the ears and a head tilt. It’s just so cute I cannot resist it. If you have dogs you know the look oh too well.

We both get ready coats on, harness on, lead on and phone and keys in the pocket. All set.

The walk carried on much as it always does with nothing eventful occurring. Of an evening we just do a small walk as she has a run in the morning. We was having a lovely little stroll chatting away as we always do. When she stops and assumes the position.

I feel in my pocket and to my horror I DO NOT HAVE A POO BAG!!!!! In slight panic I check every pocket in my jeans and coat. It’s unusual for me not to have one SOMEWHERE. Much as I search there was no poo bag. Then it dawns on me that I washed all of my jeans that afternoon and the pair I’m wearing was one of them. I had emptied all of my jeans of poo bags earlier that day.

The amount of times I take Phoenix out loaded up with hundreds of the bloody things and she doesn’t do one, or the fifty that fall out of my pocket in the shops whilst searching for my wallet. Tonight not one, not one little poo bag and I’m now standing faced with the jumbo frankfurter of all poos and not one bag. All I have to hand is a tissue.

Through some miracle I managed to wrap the poo in a little package in the tissue, then proceed to walk home carrying this little white makeshift bag of poo, whilst dealing with a pulling dog.

What is usually a short walk seemed to take forever, walking home dealing with the constant sniffing, pulling and tidling all the while praying that the tissue doesn’t give way and poo spills out all over the place. Or even worse I could bump into the guy that I quite fancy from around here somewhere. No I’m just not even going to imagine bumping into him now as poo is spilling out of a tissue no.

I have never been so relieved to make it home as I was that evening, to finally chuck the poo ridden tissue into the bin and carry on with the evening. Phoenix of course found the whole situation comical.

This is what you are likely to find in this blog, posts and articles just like this one. Little stories from our daily lives, food and product recommendations, training tips and tricks. Truth be told I have no idea what the next post will be but one thing I can be sure of is I will tell it exactly how it is, poo and all. Ok so not every post will contain poo stories (I hope)

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