Thursday, March 4, 2021

March Recommendations - Moulting Season

Each month I will be featuring products that we personally use and can therefor recommend. As it is March and we are coming into spring it seemed fitting that this months reviews should be focussed on moulting and shedding. 

With three cats in total and a Labrador, keeping shedded fur at bay is a constant battle. During the shedding season I vacuum every single day, sometimes even twice a day if the shedding is particularly heavy. For my vacuum I use a Vax Power Nano which I got in 2018, I can't link it on here as it doesn't currently seem to be available online. 

Here are our top picks to help you keep fur at bay

Fur Magic 

I bought the fur magic in 2019 after coming across it on Amazon when looking for something else. I read a few reviews and thought it would be worth trying. When I received it I tried it instantly on my fabric sofa and it really does do a great job of collecting shedded fur. The brush sits in the holder and when you want to use it you just pull it out and brush the surface i.e sofa, bed etc. Once there is enough fur on the brush pop it back into the holder and pull it up and it is clean ready to be used again. I use this every night mostly on the bed, as both of my cats sleep on the bed during the day, my boy sheds constantly through the year so there is always a layer of white fur on my bed. This brush does such a good job cleaning it up. It doesn't leave any residue or blue fluff behind and has no smell. The collected fur sits at the bottom of the holder and when it's full you just empty it into the bin. I do put the brush in a few times to get more fur to the bottom. Two years later I am still using this and am finding it really effective at picking up shedded fur. It works on cat and dog fur. 

Fur Magic is currently selling on Amazon for £12.99 get yours Here 


Pet Room Dematting Dog brush 

When Phoenix sheds, she really sheds. I often find a layer of yellow fur all over the place. My sofa has an extra layer, the rugs are getting a slightly yellow tinge to them. Just by stroking her I get a handful of yellow fur. Being a Labrador she has a really thick multi layer coat so shedding is quite a messy time. 

I got this brush last summer just intime for her summer moult and thought I'd try it. I have been through many different combs over the years. Some I have found to be too sharp for her or she hasn't liked the feel of them. 

I will admit this is actually the only brush I use on her now. It has two sides to it which are great for getting the top coat and undercoat moult. Each time I brush her with this I get so much fur off of her I think I could quite possibly build a whole new dog out of it. It's great for getting into the deeper layers of her coat and afterwards she looks fantastic and smart. It isn't at all sharp to use on her and this is the first brush she doesn't mind me using on her. I think she rather enjoys being brushed now, whereas before I had to chase her around. I used this brush on her last week and it looked like I'd been shearing a sheep in my garden. Another handy tip, if you gather all the fur you've brushed off together, tie it loosely and place it in a tree or shrub the birds use it to line their nests. One groomed dog and many happy little birdies. 

Pet Room comb is currently seeling on Amazon for £12.59 get yours here


Homedics Desktop Air Purifier

This air purifier was recommended to me last year by a friend. I had never really considered buying one before and to be honest I wasn't entirely sure what they did. 

Basically they clean the air of any pollutants including pollen, dust, pet dander and even germs. Perfect for a pandemic. I am asthmatic and have found since buying this that I do cough a lot less. I don't use it everyday but when I do use it you do notice the difference in the air quality. It has a removeable hepa filter which you can clean out and empty. I have found it catches a lot of flying fur and lint so can also be used to keep fur at bay. It has three speed settings 1 being the quietest and 3 the loudest. It also has a 4,8 and 12 hour timer setting meaning it will switch off automatically after the set time if you choose to use the setting. It also has an ioniser which is not good for pets but you can turn that off. One of the reasons why I bought this particular one as you can deactivate the ioniser meaning you can then safely use it around your pets. The carbon filter also gets rid of any unpleasant smells in the air. It is a little on the expensive side to buy, I did purchase it when it was on offer for £79 last summer and haven't regretted it. So it's always worth checking for offers before you buy. 

 Homedics Desktop Air Purifier Is currently selling on Argos for £99 Get yours here 


Note: These products are my own personal opinion and are products I use myself, I receive no revenue for featuring these products on my blog. 

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